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Since I had nothing better to do, I decided to write down all the cars I currently have. I already posted pictures of the SPG when I first got it ( ). A few of them are for parts, and they're marked, so if you need anything specific send me a PM, otherwise I'll just box everything up and keep it for myself. :D

Hoping to add a running C900 Turbo soon. Currently, the only running cars on the list are the two 9000's, and the others don't have any hope of running for a long time, if ever.

1992 9000S
Rustless, perfect driver

1986 SPG
Project Field Find (SOC 2015 or bust)

1990 Turbo CV
Completely beat, parting out

1987 4DR
Unknown mileage, bought it for parts and still haven't seen it, sitting at the friend's house I bought it from.
Blown up auto, parting

1987 Turbo CV
175K, No motor/Interior
Parts car dad gave me in return for helping him fix his 87 CV

1994 9000CSE
Winter beater, interior swap with 92 and then sell in the spring, electrical gremlins
Thought I took a picture of this but I couldn't find one.. It's blue over gray leather
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