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Muffler/Exhaust Suggestions??????

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So I've got a '97 900SE Turbo, I am completely at a loss for what kind of muffler/cat/whole exhaust system to get. I would like this to be performance-based, but I would also like to not sound like those damn honda/toyota ricers. So if you could send me some suggestions/links that would be very much appreciated!
**Also if you know of any cold-air intakes that would fit my NG900 send me those links/suggestions as well!

***My current stock muffler also has a small rust hole in the bottom of it, does that hinder my performance?

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Here's a link to GS NG900/9-3 exhaust page, just to give you an idea of whats out there. I personally have the Saab Sport on my car and really like the sound of it.
In my opinion a 3in downpipe with the BSR/remus exhaust would definitly be nice sounding, but quiet enough to not get noticed. The saab sport with a 3in downpipe catches some attention espically with the small backfires.

That should give you some ideas...
The Saab sport isn't bad, but if you don't like noise, its not for you. My 900 came with one on it and lately I've thought about just putting a stock muffler back on it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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