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i just saw the movie secret window starring johnny depp, he plays a writer that is in the middle of a divorce, and he owns a nice cabin out in the middle of nowhere on a lake. one day he is awoken by a strange man (john turturro) whos name in the movie is john shooter, when depp answers the door, shooter is standing there proclaiming that depp stole his story and that he wants him to fix it. the movie starts off fast and doesn't let up once, it keeps you guessing on what'll happen next.

the movie is based on Stephen King's book: secret window, secret garden
and you can definately tell the king's precense in this story

the movie is rated pg-13 for violence/terror, sexual content and language.
and it plays for 1 hour and 41 minutes

i strongly recomend seeing this movie, because it was a lot better than i thought it'd be, and i'd definately see it again

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