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More parts for Stage Holset

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Well, I just ordered an external wastegate for my ng900. Going to ship it off to GS as soon as i get it. Then he's going to build me a manifold for my holset, and it will be pretty epic.

the wastegate i ordered is the synapse engineering synchronic 40mm. i've read a lot of good things about them, and will probably get getting one of their bov's as well for this car, to replace the ssqv.

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Synapse stuff is sweet.

Nice pick-up.
Synapse FTW

I got both the wastegate and bov from them, but still at my sister's in California. I can't wait to get em here.

Where did you buy it? Might have a less expensive place for you.
ebay. got it for 262 shipped
Try these guys out I got my 40mm Wastegate for $215 Shipped and the BOV for $179 Shipped.

Oops this would help:

They were advertising in a few forums and I had mentioned that as reference so they gave me those prices.
which guys?
wish i'd known earlier lol. i'll probably order the bov from them, but i already bought the wg. oh well
Forget which forum it was but google it and maybe they'll honor that price for you as well. Will check to see if I find it, I will post here if I do.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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