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More key and remote problems/questions.

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Ok, I did some searching and I could not find a solid answer or a duplicate to my problem so I'll start a new thread to get the questions out there.

I just bought a 9-5. I am having problems with the key not accepted code. I looked it up on here and I found the two main solutions are....

1. Clean out the lock. DONE
2. Hit the unlock button on the remote to override it.

I couldn't do number 2 because the car only came with one key and no remotes. So I called up the previous owner and he mailed me 2 more keys and 2 remotes. I didn't get them originally because he wasn't there when I picked the car up.


Now that I have multiple keys and two remotes here is my problem.

1 key works sometimes
The other keys don't work at all.
The remotes don't work either.

I put new batteries in the remotes, still nothing.

So I was sitting in the car reading through the owners manual and it says after remote battery change hit the unlock button 4 times to sync it. I did so on both remotes still nothing. However.....

When I hit the trunk release button on either remote the SID says 2 keys, 2 remotes on the screen. Does this mean that it recognizes the keys and remotes or is it just telling me that it sees 2 keys and 2 remotes even though they may not work in that car?

So I the hell is going on? I don't even care so much about the key in the ignition problem right now as much as I care about getting these remotes working so I can override the damn thing.

Do I have to take this problem to the dealer?
How much are they going to rape me for it?
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I went to Morrie's Saab, the local Saab dealer, and they synced the remotes for me.

The best part is they unstuck my ignition lock cylinder and synced the remotes free of charge. Now my ignition switch functions properly, mechanically and my remotes work.

The down side is my car still does not always recognize my keys. The dealer said that there is an antenna in the center console that is not always liking the keys. I don't know if that is true or not.

Anyways, at least I have working remotes and if I hold down the unlock button I can start the car even though it says key not accept. So take that and cram it 9-5, I'm going to drive you anyways.

If anyone can help me with how to get the keys to work every time, please chime in.
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