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manual transmission swap

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I have a 95 2.3 5 speed and was wondering if i can put a 95 v6 manual trans in without any mods? the number on the 2.3 trans is FM54 501, and the donar trans from the v6 is a FM51 602. also the v6 has only 80,000 on it and i will have a lot of parts left if anyone is interested. I have searched and cannot confirm if the v6 trans is compatible. any help will be appreciated.
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99% sure the v6 trans. will not bolt up to the 4cyl. Maybe more like 99.9%. Where are you located? I've got a rebuilt 5 speed from a 95 900 turbo that'll fit
Im interested in that tranny im in ny..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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