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Lunch time + Nikon = Pics of Viggen

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Been a while since I have thrown some pics up. Most notable changes include the koni kit, plasti-dip sprayed wingless grille, genuine Porsche turbo badge, painted DI, and the valve cover lettering got painted.
I know my lugs .... rusty. I lost 1 of 20 plastic caps.... frigg.

Let me know what u guys think of the grille. I'm thinking I may paint it to match the steel grey since I have a can on hand.

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Sweet car, not a fan of the wheels tho. A set of BBS's would top off the car imo
Nice looking car!
slowly becoming a vig fan. just not a fan of the lb ones. i like urs tho.

love the wheels. keep em.
Steel gray is my favorite color for this car. The grille looks good too- over all it's a nice color combo. Nice photos.
I had my hopes up for pics of lunch.
I fucking love this color. Almost as much as MCY. Nice !

I'm not a fan of the wheels, either, though.
Love it!
man thats a nice viggen i like ur headlights and ur grille its very nice
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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