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Lowering springs?

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I'm thinking about investing in some lowering springs for my car since the stock springs are shot and I need new springs anyway. I just wanted to find out what kind of springs other people are using. Which brand usually works pretty well? Thanks
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I have intrax on my 85, right around a 2" drop. I don't think they're available any longer, but has a set of B&G's for a little over $200. I think kilen makes a set as well. If you're just replacing springs, there's really not a huge difference; if I had to do it again, I'd try and find a set of coilovers and play around with specific spring rates. You'll want a stiffer shock once lower, unless you like bouncing around.

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I couldn't find coilovers for c900s but I definitely look into those springs.
I have a good set of rear springs from my 88 SPG that you could cut down. They are a stiffer spring. Shipping might be a little pricey, but still be a cheaper route than new springs.
for custom you can go with Afco's 5.5" springs whatever size you want, thats kind of a guessing game unless you know what you want ride height and rate wise.. and just so people know coilovers are not really an option.. Ive tried and there is no room to go low coilwise, nor would there be any significant difference in handling from a coil setup, unless you found some real real short race shocks.
i think im gonna need some of these....

anyone know is squaab99t has plans for more in the future?
nope.. afco sells all the parts and there are threads like that that have all the links to the individual parts!
Get the Intrax if you can find them. Huge drop from stock N/A spring height.
i think there is a set of kilans for sale in the For sale section now..........
i think there is a set of kilans for sale in the For sale section now..........
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I run Kilen springs. They're nice. Maybe 1.5" drop in the front and close to 2" in the rear. My only regret is not getting nicer shocks like Bilstein or Koni. It's a little bouncy on some roads pushing hard corners with only new Sachs replacements. DD'ing is nice and comfy.
Shameless plug of the week.
100% shameless self promotion. But you know you like it
i think there is a set of kilans for sale in the For sale section now..........
Thanks but i've decided to make this car a winter beater. So i don't think i'm going to invest in performance parts since i plan on parting it out after winter(rust):th_thumbsdownsmiley
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