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Long Island gtg

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For Long Island area SAABers, we are trying to organize an informal get-together. This is what I last posted on another SAAB board:

Let's try for 7PM, on 7/7, ( it has a nice ring)that is Wednesday, at the shopping center in Kings Park on Indian Head Rd just south of the LIRR station. I will plan to be there in case anyone shows up.

If anyone has any interest/questions, please reply to this post.
Hope to see you there!
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is this still on? im in NJ and may try to make it over.
Well, this is the first time I have done this, so yes I will be there. Is it worth driving from NJ for possibly nothing? I don't know. I do expect some folks. I have posted this item on 3 different SAAB boards.
Maybe before you commit to that trip, post here in the afternoon sometime and I will respond.
Alternatively, if you can't make it this far we could try some day to set up something in Nassau or Queens.
See ya,
RC, good thing you did not make the trip, two of us showed up, both local guys. OTOH, we did have a nice SAAB-chat, so it was worth it.
you need to plan things further ahead and hope the forum doesnt go down on you
I know. This was actually going on at SAAB Central for some time and with the usual indecision so I just made a date and place and threw it up there. We'll try again. You on LI?
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