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LED Bulbs

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Looking to change some of the interior lights (glove/dome/etc) to LED lights, but I'm having troubles ordering aftermarket ones.

I'm looking at:

What I found in the users manual is that the wattage is 10 and Cap SV :confused: is 8.5

I figured out the wattage on some of these, running 8-30 so it should be working fine, but the size of the bulb to order and what cap sv is... is confusing the shit out of me!

Has anybody here changed some of these lights?
If so, what route did you go?

& if anybody can help me with the sizes that would be great or else I'll be going there with a ruler soon :D


So using the Osram Sylvania thing I found some reference #'s to go by:

Found the table to go with those mumbojumbo numbers:

4410-x9 is the bulb!

so I guess I figured it out after all, hope this helps some people out. I'll post up pictures after I get this stuff done.
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I changed out the licence plate bulbs to LEDs from that website and they work great. I just checked the length and they fit in just like stock. The light blue glow is nice too.
LED versions of those cylindrical festoon bulbs all seem to be sold by length, so like BlueBeast said, just measure them and find the closest size, but don't go over. I replaced my license plate lights and all of the interior bulbs with LEDs. I got most of them from My front dome lights were from eBay. They have to shine at a right angle, and after a bunch of searching, I finally found out that they call them "flank bulbs".
I like that the lights dim rather than just shut off. LEDs would not do that.
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