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LB Viggen - Walnut St, Newton Center

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Was driving to work through Newton Center and saw abother LB Viggen pass me coming the other way. It was around 8 AM this morning. Couldn't make out the driver as I was flipping through the Sirius channels, caught it at the last second Anyone?
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was it a 4dr or a 3dr?

Other then my brothers Viggen, there is at least one other that I know of in Newton. I acutally saw it yesterday. It had the saab snow wheels on.

EDIT: After interrogation of my brother, it was not him. He has yet to leave the house. Proabably was that 3dr, with the female owner.
Yeah, 3 door. Female owner huh? I need to get on this haha
Look around at some of my other sightings threads. I've seen her more then once, and taken some pics......of her viggen that is.
Saw an LB Vig again today in the same spot, around 8:10. Guy driving.
saw the one in brookline again too at like 8:30, wonder if its the same.

I wonder if its the same one. But the one I saw was missing the rear spoiler, also at least one fog missing.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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