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LB Viggen at Gators Pub

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Saw the car parked at Gators Pub in RI during lunchtime while I was making a craigslist hot water tank delivery :) I had my Quest I didn't bother beeping!!
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Thats Jack McGee's 4dr blue viggen. There is also my good friend Brian's black viggen that is there very often
gators pub = WIN i havent been there in like 7 years
I ate there the other day, its still great, if you haven't try teh french dip
wheres gators? never even heard of it

of course, i never really ventured into the norther woods of RI.
Haha it's in north Smithfield. I don't usually see joshs 93 there anymore. Used to be next to jacks all the time
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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