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laborday weekend cruise!!

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hows it going guys/girls i am planning a car cruise saturday the 4th of labor day weekend. This is not for any one kind of make/model. it will start most likely in manchester, nh and go up rt 101 to hampton beach/seabrook for some seafood. there is already around 20- upwords or 70 cars expected. it will be just a fun meet for all of us cars/truck guys with the same likes in mind....anything with a motor!

Date: aug,4 2010
Start: manchester, nh (where old circut city was located on s.willow)
End:Browns/markey's sea food seabrook, nh

[email protected] for any questions...hope to see all the ne's there!
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Did I say aug....I mean september my bad
Well looks like no ones up for a good cruse with over 30 (as of now) beautiful cars
I always wondered if seafood in Seabrook would look like Blinky from the Simpsons.

Nah, sounds like fun... I'll consider it.
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