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key not accepted code after heavy rain with moonroof wide open

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I normally cover the cars every night and check that they are locked and ready for the night, and seeing that i was on vacation the cars didnt get their nightly check and after a night of heavy rain and the sunroof being left wide open on my 03' 95 aero, everything got soaked. not after letting it dry out and even putting a dehumidifier in the car i try to put the key in and turn it and it gives me a message on the screen "Key not accepted" if anyone has any ideas as to a possible solution or remedy to this it would be nice
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If you get that message, you can try pressing the unlock key on your keyfob and the car should then let you use the key to start it.

It may be as simple as the key antenna was ruined by all the water or maybe just some moisture left in the electrical connector. I would take it apart (it's in the piece that surrounds the ignition least on 9-3s) and make sure it is nice and dry.

Otherwise you may need someone with a Tech II to take a look at it.
Usually the Twice just got wet and Died, Its under the drivers seat, Costs almost a thousand bucks or so, I haven't bought one in a while. what state are you in? I sell used ones but Programing is Necessary and its Very easy to destroy the new twice if you're not in the Know for programming procedure. This Isn't a Do it yourself repair if you need a Twice.
sorry too here but most likely you need a twice it under your drivers seat you have too remove the seat and carpet to get too the twice
I did this to my 95 Volvo 850 and ruined the airbag module under the seat. Was actually able to get it covered under the auto insurance...might want to call your insurance agent and see if they will cover a new Twice.
thnx guys for the input, now after most everything was dryed out the car starts but now the remote doesnt work and after turning off the car the radio stays on after the key is removed, and the power locks dont work anymore either
Is the center part of the ignition cylinder not popping up when you take the key out?

You can try and use some dry lube on it.
yep i took the key out and the lock cylinder stayed down and i pushed on it which made it pop back up, after doing this 2 times and now it does it all on it own so most all of the problems seem to be gone, thnx
Hello sorry to hear about the rain...

1.)I would first check to see if there is any moisture left under the consol (try eletronic duster spray to get it all the hard to reach spots), take a blow dryer and dry out any areas as well.
2.) Take some Mobile 1 Synthetic grease or similar and rub it on the key, put the key ignition and do that a couple of times...I would also treat any ares with grease that may be exposed to water again...many people never think about the grease the manufacture puts around electronics to protect them from moisture, after many years it dries out and leaves the electronics at risk from moisture damage...
I've always had the best luck in the key switches with an electric contact cleaner. Wurth contac OL works sweet, but expensive/hard to find. CRC lectromotive should be readily available at most parts stores. It's mostly alcohol so it gets rid of the moisture and breaks up the corrosion that hangs the cylinder up. Works nice on sticky power antenna masts too.
DO NOT put grease into the lock cylinder.

The grease will attract little bits of dirt and will get jammed into the tumblers of the lock cylinder, and will be nearly impossible to clean and free up if it starts to gum up. It also make it very sticky in really cold weather.

Get some powdered graphite lock lubricant and use sparingly, spray some down into the cylinder and work it back and forth.

Elec. contact cleaner or a little bit of brake cleaner will clean out the gum and such before the graphite, if I get one here that's really sticky that's all I do.

If it's really nasty I put a few drops of WD-40 or gasoline on the key blade and work it in and out of the cylinder, and let it sit and soak, then a round of solvent.

I agree...that is why BMW used synthetic grease on their ignition systems...but we all know thay BMW has no idea what they are doing...
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