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key fob

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I have a 96 900se with auto transm.
with only one fob which was dropped into garbage can and spent the night there. the following morning i found let it dry out , replaced batteries. it's not reponding (dead).
the night before I locked vehicle using the fob. So of courrse when I entered vehicle w/key the alarm sounded. When I tried to start the car it wouldn't start. the dealership says I need a new "ecu" @ approx. 12-1500 dollars.
are there any suggestions???? HELP !!!!
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I would never go to that dealership again, ever. The car has an immobilizer that prevents you from starting the car if the security system was activated to avoid someone hot wiring or trying to start your car without the remote. Unfortunately, it sucks when you have a legitimate reason to start your car and you can't deactivate the security system. Before you give up, try spraying the internals of the fob with electrical contact cleaner and try a new set of batteries.

You can buy a good working key fob and have that remote programmed to work with your car for a reasonable amount of money (<$100). Do not let the dealership talk you into replacing anything except the key fob.
how do u get into the sealed "fob"
how do u get into the sealed "fob"
There's a small screw in the bottom, undo that and the top piece with the buttons will come apart from the bottom piece where all the goodies live.
For a 900se (NG900), there is a small plastic piece on the back towards the bottom. Get something sharp and gently pry it up from the bottom which will open up access to the battery in the remote. Try new batteries first and then some electrical contact cleaner second.
what if I only had that one fob,can i program a new one to car?
^ correct
can i program the fob or does the dealer have to?
Unless you have a Tech II to marry the new fob to the car, you will have to take it to the dealer which will cost you less than $100.
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