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just got bbs rkII's what color?

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hows it going guys i just scored (i think)great and even traded my viggen wheels for a set or rkII's the only issue is...u guessed it the lip is curb rash but clear coat is SOO bad..should i just refinish the lip and rock'em orr do ALL black lip and face with polished bolts?

and if i do decide to refinish the lip how in what is the best way to yeild a very good result with doing it myself :)
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Refinish the lip. Look on here as somebody recently did a thing on refinishing rims.

I dislike black rims though, just my two cents.
So I'm just gunna refinsih the lips does anyone know where the link is on how to do it?
Keep them stock or paint just the centers to match your car. To refinish, you have to take out all the torx screws to get the centers out. Really easy actually. Then just used multiple grades of sand paper attached to a drill and polish. I've done a few sets that way.
hmm do u need to take the torx out cuz i herd they break and strip alot
i've taken them out of at least 8 rims and have never had a problem
Hmm that's good to know now I'm not as nervious to pull them apart
I think another good paint color would be a bronze, something similar to the color you'll see STI wheels painted. That, combined with the red, would look great. You'd just have to make sure the paint isn't overly vibrant. GL
I like the grey! They turned out nice. But I think I might consider the light bronz but for some reason I don't know how I'm going to like it against the red...
actually i wonder how red would look... i bet it would look cool.

i painted one of the centers black and it made the wheel look super small. once i find 2 cheap 225 45 17's ill throw them on and take pics.
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