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Hello Folks,

Just got a new to me 2001 9-3 Viggen (gray), which was in a bad condition and i feel i rescued it. Was driven by a young adult and the car is stock. Mostly going to be a project car/summur car but still i am thinking it's going to be a serious money pit even though i am going to be going most of the work.

This is my 3rd saab. Had a 96 900 SE, have a 2007 9-3 and now a viggen..

The good:

The car runs fine no leaks..
interior are all right needs some TLC
perivious owner has done regular oil changes
< 95,000 miles
exterior looks ok (except for few missing part such as jacking point covers and few destroyed bits).

The Bad:

needs a front bumper (found one locally)
needs a new hood
needs an a/c compressor
power steering leaks
turbo not working (had to buy a new BCV, now works)
SID (fixed the pixels)

i am collecting parts to get it look nice

Bought all the plastic bits for the aero effect
have to get New suspension parts and brakes (poly)
6 point brace (GS)
a tune ...

Looking to get <300hp (piston limitations), and may be then rebuild the engine with better pistions..

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