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just got a new saab im a new member

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i bought a laser red o1 saab 9-3 a week ago and have become addicted. Ive replaced the stock antisway bar with a 22mm racing one. I have replaced the bypass valve with a forge blow off and of course i now have a viggen highflow cold air intake not sure of the real name at the moment. I love saabs cant wait to drive after work haha great to be a new member
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Welcome! Pics?
Locations, Pics?

Also, whats the name mean? Do you record for a living?
Welcome - enjoy your stay here! Post some pictures when you can. Plenty more mods to be done :)

Yeah i went to school for recording engineering and i live in va
Welcome! is it you that now has the exhaust?

bov on a t7 car?

no i had the red saab i drove arpeggio to get it

the bov didnt work out to well i thought i had a t5 i was wrong!! lol im selling the forge bov now lol
Welcome. You live in God's country. I went to school in H-Burg. Best 6 years of my life lol.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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