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- It's ON! The 2.3 converted N/A C900 shootout -

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Alright, after much prodding, contentious innuendo, haranguing and outright animosity (along with a bit of contemplation), it has been decided that a competition needs to take place in order to resolve a dispute, i.e., in lay terms, separate the "posers" from the real deal.

The basis of the competition revolves around two(2) matters in contention, the first being whether or not a 2.3 can be put into/made out of a C900, and the second being whether or not I have actually accomplished this feat/currently have such a machine in my possession.

The following is the background commentary that spurred this competition and my response thereto, in otherwords, the challenge and my reply:

Bring Your Saab, I'll Bring My Saab.

Bring your RWD American Junk, I'll show up in a 440 Super Bee that does Wheel Stands.

Bring Your Beemer or Whatever you think a Road car is and i'll bring a Sierra Cosworth.

I GUARANTEE all those are REAL Carz. All of which i have Actually worked on ,Constructed Etc,.
Well? Lets See your Saab? 75&80 What do you want to run with? A 9k with a 20g China Booster. or a 93 on Crack?
Well, let's review...Since you question not only the ability to convert a N/A autoboxed C900 from stock to a 2.3, but also the fact of whether or not I have managed to accomplish this, I say we keep it all in the proper context as that is what is in dispute, what is the root of the contention.

What I'll "run" is the 2.3 converted '87 C900 and you are to locate one of your own to do the 2.3 conversion on then, once you've accomplished this feat, we'll arrange to meet somewhere for a race or two, afterall, you wouldn't want me to show up with a Veyron, Reventon, Enzo or, relatively speaking, a Trevita CCXR (at least it's actually Swedish), either of which would readily spank (HARD!) each and everything you've listed, "wheel standing" or not.

So let's be realistic because it would be unethical, not to mention a blatant display of bad sportsmanship and shallowness of character, to bring a gun to a knife fight.

The rules of this little contest are as follows:

1. The base vehicle must be a '85-'90 model C900

2. It must be N/A

3. The end result must be a 2.3 converted C900 (since it is the opinion of a certain competitor that it is nigh on impossible)

4. It must use the Saab autobox (since this is also considered an impossibility)

5. A NIRA i3+ Engine Management Unit is permissible (since I've one on mine because Jak closed shop due to people screwing him over and I couldn't manage to get the stock one to do what I wanted/needed it to do)

6. It must be a street legal daily driver (as is mine)

7. Other than that you build it your way, as I have built mine my way, but the end result must be conceived, fabricated and implemented by the owner (that means you, Harvey, since an individuals' mechanical aptitude/ability has been called into question), and we'll see (eventually) just whom has their shit together/knows what in the hell they're talking about/can back up their (so-called) online BS smack talking, that is, who is real, or just a poser.

***Oh yeah, since this little competition could potentially appeal to a number of people within the Saab community, anyone and everyone is invited to participate (pass it on). So come on, let's see what you've got/separate the men from the boys/the women from the girls***

*The rules may/will be edited as need be the case/as the situation develops, but that's pretty much it right there so, in closing, the long and short of it is...If you want some, come get some!
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i would like to participate. are there any rules pertaining to the number of ground straps you are required to use?
i would like to participate. are there any rules pertaining to the number of ground straps you are required to use?
beat me to it.
More pics of the cossie please. Makes me lament selling my xr4ti :(

No, I am not a "ricer" as I have always owned only European vehicles with the exception of one(1) Subie and one(1) Honda, both of which I enjoyed only a brief partnership with, everything else, though, has been domestic and European.
Proof that being a ricer has nothing to do with what you drive. In times like these, I'm reminded of some words of wisdom from my spirit guide, Ja Rule:

"It's not how ya stand by yo car, it's how ya race yo car. Better learn dat."
I will buy 10 of such vehicles, from the winner. I will use them as my taxi service for the DC area. We will specialize in taking back roads only.
I have an Auto C900. I just sent the block to the shop to be bored out to a 2.3 and ordered a new set of pistons.

Are we racing at your place or mine?
See, that's where this gets funny...

The guy has got to be a troll. Self admitted to being active on a bunch of websites, so he is familiar with the internet. He fits the ricer personality type to a tee, almost too good at it, actually. He almost certainly actually owns at least one old, crappy c900s, so probably has some degree of familiarity with them, but likely not enough to know the ins and outs of the internals (or he does know and is trollin' super hard).

Either way, since we know there is insufficient crank clearance, nobody smart would spend the time and money to disassemble a c900 motor, have it machined to the extent where it will have a large enough bore to bump it to 2.3L, add to that the custom rings and pistons as well. You're looking at a large amount of work, and a large chunk of change to make what will still amount to a pants-shittingly-slow, boring car.

I'd go out and waste my time mating a motor with a 2.3 crank to a c900 manual trans, but I already know the outcome, and I certainly don't need to try to convince someone who already knows he's fully of shit, has been called on it, and is still for some reason continuing to lie. See comment about this guy trying waaaaay too hard to troll us.
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I tend to agree with the theory that JK expounds.

In lay terms Snigel, I think you're a troll, too.

Albeit a very dedicated troll. You've been here a year and have almost 500 posts. That indicates serious dedication. Or serious lack of a real life and real friends.
I dont think I can make so Ill just watch it on espn 4

This thing is way more fun then any autotragic c900. 2.3 or not.
That IS badass, no question, and considerably ingenious as well, but I've seen even more ingenuity exhibited in the Saab arena, particularly in the field of what had been touted as "can't be done" swaps, such as a V8 into a C900, and yet:

But both the Jeep (pretty damn cool mod BTW, but many a Saab aficionado were already aware of the bestial potential of these engines) and these Saabs are cross-platform modifications, hybrids as it were, that have strayed well out of the field of Saab purity and into the realm of the extreme, prompting one to consider whether it's even a Saab any more (much like the now infamous Saabarus, which were nothing more than Subarus masqueraded as Saabs with a simple rebadging by GM after their takeover of the company).

Now here we have a bunch of industry insiders with their certifications and factory training and tricked out garages and job-specific technical gadgets insisting that only they know what they're doing, that only they can come up with something ingenious, that only they can effectively wrench/modify a Saab and that a 'lowly' (in their opinion anyway) weekend wrenching hobbyist and Saab enthusiast hasn't a clue, nor the ability, to perform something as intrinsically simple as an engine swap from one Saab model to another, saying, even, that it is "impossible".

Well, I'm saying that it is possible and that it has been done! Now surely the self-appointed Saab, ASE certified, 25+ year Master mechanics can do something as simply as this basic engine swap...?

Afterall, it's not like anyone is asking you to cram a V8 into one, now is it?!
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i feel like this guy is raul and viggenluca combined into one.
I don't even know who those people are, but I'll try doing a search for posts by them, do a little reading up, and get back to you with an opinion if you'd like?
S_L, how's that holy grail 2.3 in a c900 mounted; transversely or longitudinally?
As usual with these sort of posts, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. Don't ask me why.

A few things I didn't see: Is FWD a requirement? How about front-engine? A mid-engine rwd c900 with a 2.3L has been done, there are pictures online. You aren't re-inventing the wheel here. Although I don't know why you'd want to use a n/a auto for the conversion, you certainly could.

And how about a transverse motor? A 2.3L c900 isn't actually that difficult if you convert it to transverse. We have seen it done on both c900s and 99s. You install the front clip including all suspension components, etc from a ng900 firewall-forward and re-shell with c900 bodywork. This way everything engine/trans wise bolts up with no problem. You use ng900 suspension, brakes, motor, trans, motor mounts, etc.

Lastly, you said "Saab autobox". Saab didn't make its own automatic transmission for the c900 or newer. Does that mean the three-speed T37 unit, or the Aisin-Warner box from the ng900? The rules are sketchy here. If you used the standard c900 transmission with a custom case, you could lower the gearset past where the crank would hit. Is this allowed? Or by "Saab autobox" do you mean a stock, unmodified unit including the case?

Let me know.
Still interested in the answers to my questions above.
A bunch of run-on sentences that prove nothing
Prove it or GTFO.

The beard has spoken.

And, any idiot can put a 2.3 valve cover on a 2.0
Yes, "any idiot" could (beard optional), but that wouldn't actually be a 2.3, now would it?!
You still have not directly addressed any of the questions that are being asked of you.
Well, I'm saying that it is possible and that it has been done! Now surely the self-appointed Saab, ASE certified, 25+ year Master mechanics can do something as simply as this basic engine swap...?
No, you're saying that YOU did it and many members don't believe you. You've been asked for proof of your "accomplishment" and you have failed to produce any proof.

Can a 2.3L engine be swapped into a c900? Fuck if I know, but I'm more likely to believe the people on here who have been working on Saabs for years than some troll that's been here a year.

I'll give you credit, you are a very dedicated troll and you stick to your lies.
You still have not directly addressed any of the questions that are being asked of you.
You have an hour.

Then I'm locking this idiotic thread.

I even set an Outlook reminder, cause I'm a pro.
Has it occured to any one else around here that a 2.3NA c900 can not exist? Sure the crank fits in the block but the throw Crashes into the trans case. Sorry Snigel Puss, Your Full of your self and Shit as well. Got any real cars? Like one with a Turbo maybe? You know what saabs are famous for? How about you race that 200mph NG900 you like to brag about?

These are REAL CARS... With Pictures, I even Have videos around here some where..Of REAL CARS. Like these. Not Imaginary ones.
It is unfortunate that we are bumping heads over this mod (C900 to 2.3 conversion) as I sense a kindred spirit in you, evident by your '70 Charger 500 & '68 Super Bee (are those scoops "stock" or transplanted from a '71 340 Swinger? I can't recall at the moment), the "wheel stander" you previously mentioned?

You see, I happen to have a few Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler/Mopar myself (I use to roll around town in a '68 Satellite as my daily driver, but some sticky fingered punk arse bitches kept swiping my badges, so I parked it...about due for a complete refurbishment at this point), which is part of the reason why I'm reluctant to post any pics as you might well be able to figure out just who it is that I actually am, if you travel in those circles, which it seems you do.

Why, to prove me wrong of course, to one up me, to expose me as the "poser" you think I am. Come on now, if you've been wrenching on the Mopars I know you've the background/skills to do it, so don't sell yourself short.
Why in the eff would you ever care to build a 2.3 n/a auto anyway?? Who gives a shit? Who in their right mind would bother with this 'build'? Its pointless, and stupid.
Why, for the improved torque of course! That and the accompanying HP. Well, that and to prove that it can be done. :cool:
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