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Intermittent Abs Tcs Brake /! Light Show

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Hi, for the past couple weeks, heat index 100 +, when I start my 2001 se convertible with 104,000 miles, the Abs Tcs Brake and Central ! Lights come on...Auto zone Scanner didnt pick up any Codes, Fluids are fine, have to yet check my Brake pads, braking seems ok tho, when I restart immediately the warning lights go off and stay off ... if I dont... they stay on.. Sometimes I wont see the Lights come on for a couple days...:confused: Help <3 ~ Thanks
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Wow...ABS day here. Generic scan tools usually won't read ABS codes. Sounds like you've got a wheel speed sensor that's on it's way out. Dealer or an "indy" with a Tech2 scan tool should be able to diagnose which 1 of the 4 sensors is giving you problems
Thanks for the info! seriks1 :0) What happens when a wheel speed sensor dies? or what should I look for if I dont get it scanned and fixed in time?
could also be the abs module. Had mine go out :( Dont buy a junk yard unless the part number is the same.. i learned that the hard way and paying dearly for it now :(

Search BBA Reman. It cost me 125 to get mine repair and 15 dollars for ground ups ship back.
Does your speedometer blip to zero (drop completely) when the lights come on? It's usually the ABS module failing when the speedo drops, double check you're not a little low on brake fluid though, when the pads wear and the fluid level drops sometimes a bump or a turn can slosh the fluid away from the sensor long enough to get the lights to light up. Just had this issue with a Viggen last week.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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