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Intermitten Climate Control Issue

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From time to time (and more so lately) my wife's 9-3 Convertible has has a climate control issue. Once in a while it just won't blow air. Unfortunately I haven't been in the car when it's happened, but I know it did it once before (about a year ago). What do you guys think? I'm thinking I need to pull out the blower motor, check the connections and test it.

Any other ideas?
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You can check and make sure that nothing is physically blocking the blower motor, but it's almost always the blower or the resistor. The resistor is different depending on whether you have automatic or manual climate control.

To check the blower pull back the access cover at the base of the windshield and pull out the cabin air filter (on pass side) and you should be able to see the blower drum, reach down in there and give it a spin.

It's a good idea to do both resistor and fan at the same time, sometimes when the resistor goes it can overload the fan too, but sometimes not.

I find that the problem is usually the resistor, if you pull the glovebox, the resistor will drop out the bottom of the blower housing and you could try giving +12 and ground to the leads for the fan and see if it runs like a bat out of hell.

I'm curious, is the resistor a standard resistor that's like in GM products? Or is it some big special controller thing?

I'm planning on just feeing 12v to the fan and seeing what it does, of course that's after I do a quick "spin check" lol
It's a big controller thing.

If you give the fan +12 it just runs at the highest speed, the resistor pack steps the +12 down in stages to run at the slower speeds.

That's what I thought it was. According to WIS it would be the "Fan Control Unit"

I think I'll do three tests.
1. Check to see if the fan is obstructed somehow, if not,
2. Check the output from that with a volt meter, and see if I'm getting anything out of it. If I'm getting voltage then...
3. Put 12v to the fan and see if it spins.
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