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In with the new out with the old

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So I traded in my saab the other day and bought a 2010 Kia Soul. I know not really an upgrade in performance there but its a surprise to me that I even bought a Kia but I have been pretty impressed so far by the car and the service by the dealership. I got the model just below the sport because I didn't want leather seats but everything else. Also it so nice to be back in a 5 spd again instead of an auto tragic. I will be having a sale of all things saab I own which are things from a opened 5 times haynes hardback to a DIC. I also have about $200 worth of brand new parts on there way to me I never got the opportunity to put on the saab that will be up for grabs. So heres a picture of my new car. Oh I never saw the hamster commercial until after I bought it and everyone was saying that shit pretty funny though. I also have plans on slowly making it look a bit more like mine than just another soul driving around just in case anyone was wondering if I planned on mods.
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im sorry.
Don't be. I look at it like this its going to be a good DD until I get out of college then I will get my dream car a lotus elise as my fun car and have the KIA as my DD still. The saab was turning into a pit and well I couldn't keep up with the repairs it seemed as soon as I put $300 into it it needed $200 more so I traded it in and got something with a good warranty. Not exactly what I wanted but good enough to be a good DD for a couple of years.
i've never seen a modded soul, maybe it would look decent.
I just became a member of there forum and it seems people have been pretty busy with all that and I have seen a couple of good things but obviously this is not a race car so my money will be spent on aesthetics. Heres a couple pics of some modded souls though.

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Oh no.... You actually traded a Saab for a Killed In Action?

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I just vomited a little in my mouth.

Personally I don't like the Soul or the Cube or that POS Scion. I think they are abominations of car design.

But if you like it that's all that counts.
You can try as much as you want, beneath these colors and mods, it will always be a KIA...

Sorry, the dick-head inside me just woke up. Enjoy your new car! :p
I like the Kia Soul. The cube too.

Buncha haters ITT.

Must be nice to have a warranty, and a car that does not rattle like a coffee can full of bolts.

Not bad man, its nice to have a warranty sometimes. Im still on the fence about the soul, but Im not too big on the cube or the Xb. Whats the warranty coverage like, and how much was it if you dont mind my askin
Soul/matrix/cube all seem like perfect college cars to me.

Roomy, cheap to fix (if you ever have to) and good MPG.
agree with palmer, not a fan of looks but agree with teh decision you made. enjoy it
not of a fan of the car or the color. uh, congrats?

can't wait to see pics of your "friend" posing on the hood.*


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I paid 18k out the door and with interest about 22k after 3 yrs or plainly put 318 a month. The warranty is 5yr 60k for everything and then 100k 10yr powertrain. Free oil changes up to 60k then after that I will most likely do them myself. So far been a great car no issues.
Oh and the friend no pics of her on the hood lol but I got a new model that I can have take some pics with the car. Ya I was not a super fan of the color but it is growing on me.
wow...318 a many better options for that much money.
if you want to have a longer term and pay more intrest yes, better options for the money... but brand new in this price range all the cars listed are about as good as it gets

congrats on the purchase... i love my focus for what it is... never thought i would buy one and now that i did and can go 400 miles for 32bucks im pretty happy with it... saabs suck in the fuel department... and maintainance on these cars are way cheaper then any saab i know of
wow...318 a many better options for that much money.
That's out the door with taxes for a brand new car. There is not THAT much available for $18k out the door.
When will we see some pictures of your girlfriend on the hood waiting to be porked from behind?
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