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I'm back!

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Well I've been Saabless for a few months now. I sold of my Aeros a while ago in search of something different and I wound up in a mustang gt. I liked it alot but my wife and I wanted to do some home renovations so I sold the impractical car to free up some money and I was left with my winter beater a 96 9k cs, good car, but it was slowly turning in to a piece and I needed something more, so I picked up a 99 jeep grand cherokee limited. That was a nice ride but I missed having a car and it was scary as hell underneath. So i sold that and here I am today with my new ride, a midnight blue 99 9-3 with cloth seats, 5 speed, and most importantly 169,000 miles.

I picked the car up sat for a decent price and I'm happy. So It isn't perfect but it does all the basics really well. Now for the issues with it.

1. Fluctuating boost - it seems like 50% of the time it boost to almost the red and 50% it boosts till the middle of the yellow. I unhooked the BCV line to the wastegate and that provided me with boost to the red and fuel cut. So I've ordered a new/used BCV and hopefully that will solve that issue.

2. It has a clunky sound in the front end over bumps, I haven't investigated yet though. Ideas?

3. front tires. They just need some new ones, I love 15 inch wheels! so damn cheap!

4. Stereo sucks bad. I like the factory setup but it sounds like ass, especially compared to my 9-5 aeros. I would like to keep the stock headunit because I like the steering wheel controls. So what can I do to up the output of the stereo while keeping the appearance stock. I plan on adding an amp and sub, but can I add a 4/6 channel amp to replace the factory stuff while using the factory wiring? or can I use a viggen sound system?

5. Sid needs to be fixed, I planned on sending it out to have it fixed or buy a new one.

Any help would be appreciated on #4 because that issue sucks big time for me. This is my commuter/project car, In a few months I will be getting something nicer, either a 9-3/5 aero or S60R and this will become something more fun and a little more upgraded. Pics to come later after work.
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Clunky sound over bumps is most likely a strut mount.
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