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About two weeks ago my keyless entry started acting funny, and since I've only used the one key since I got the car I figured it's batteries were dead. I replaced the batteries in both keys even though the other key has been in my safe since 2007. It was OK for a day or two but then the keyless wouldn't work after the car had been parked all day so I had to trip the alarm several times. It seemed to have other issues as well. Sometimes when I'd open the door it would beep at me for no apparent reason. One evening I walked into the garage and the interior lights were on, this was after the car had been parked for several hours. I opened the doors and checked all the light switches to make sure the were in the door only on position. They were. I was scheduled to take in to the dealer on Wednesday, but I got in the car on Monday it wouldn't start. The dashboard lit up, the stereo flashed "locked" on its screen, I heard a clicking noise(starter, I assume) and the CEL light kept flashing.

Called the dealer, they said it sounded like a dead battery and told me to call roadside assistance and it would be towed for free and the battery will be replaced under warranty. I specified a roll-back. After explaining to the towing company that my car was a manual, they sent one.

The battery was dead but it turns out I'm not crazy after all. Tim at Just Saab was able to recreate all the stuff I mentioned(door chime, interior lights and SID on for no reason)because the ignition switch was bad. There's a plunger that engages when you put the key in the ignition switch. If that plunger gets stuck in the down position the car still thinks there's a key in the ignition, causing the door chime, interior lights and SID to be on randomly.

Everything was fixed by Tuesday afternoon but I asked them to keep it another night and check it again Wednesday morning. So far so good.
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