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Hello, I have a 97 900SE Turbo Conv. 5speed

Car starts and runs/operates fine but ignition switch is just not right... The problem seem to be that when I turn the key to the start ("ST") position, it starts fine but the ignition no longer wants to naturally pop back to the ("ON") run position. As a result, I have to baby it and manually turn it back to the ON position. If I don't get it exactly in the sweet spot, most of my electronics remain disabled (lights, wipers, etc.) But as long as I find that "ON" sweet spot, it does just fine.

I've been driving it like this for a couple days now but I worry that it's going to fail more drastically if I let it go. I've done some research and there seems to be an electrical ignition component (about $150 replacement) but there also seems to be a more mechanical component which is significantly more expensive and seems to be harder to replace. Unfortunately, it seems to me that my issue is more likely the mechanical aspects of the ignition than electrical. What do you think? Can you point me to any good instructional links to help me make the repair?

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