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I think it's time....

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Oh dear lord...

No one expects the LS. Can you imagine this????
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I'm trying to convince my friend to buy a 9-7 aero instead of a Trailblazer SS.
Oh my. That's sick. I, uh, kinda want a 9-7x Aero now. :)
Those 9-7's are pretty nice - We never had an Aero version through the dealership when I was there, we had a customer with one - in Hawai (one of their vacation homes). I never got a look at yours at Carlisle a few years ago when you brought it with the twins. I'd imagine they move a long real nice with that LS2 - perhaps a supercharger could be in it's future? I think I may keep my eyes out for the 5.3 9-7X one day - they make supercharger kits for those too. Would make a nice towing/vacation vehicle over the 9-5.

I've been working on Mrs. IJ to get a G8 GT, but I might need to bring up the 9-7x Aero again. ;-)
That vette really needs a new driver
Mainly my wife's SUV, but I'm lovin' this thing more and more each time I drive it. Now if I can just borrow it long enought to put a Procharger and some headers on it, heh, heh!

Taking it tomorrow down to Myrtle Beach for a week of R&R with the family.
Not too shocking. The base Vette is only 345 horse and with a sleeping driver, the 390 of the Aero makes up for it. That can be made a lot worse if you let the revs drop just for second while getting off the line.

The damned thing has a 1 to 4 "detente" and most Vette drivers who have a 6 speed buy the override kit. I never bothered since once your get used to keeping the revs a tad up you maintain a normal shift pattern.
That vette really needs a new driver
I 2nd that! Horrible launch for the vette.
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