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The "concept" for what is now Facebook was developed by the Soviets during the height of the cold war. I say "concept" because there was no platform to launch it to all of America. The USSR wanted to create something that would slow down the US economy to a crawl and dumb down as much of the population as possible. In comes Vladimir Putin. He was a Colonel in the KGB prior to becoming President of Russia. He sees the internet and cell phone craze in the United States and has an epiphany. Putin dusts of the old Commie playbook and there it is right in front of him. Operation Cesspool.

So far it has affected and slowed economic growth, although not as much as those Commie bastards wanted. It has done this through the art of distraction, so while someone is supposed to be working they are instead trading pictures of cute kittens found on the internet and playing games on Facebook as well.

As for stupefying 75% of the American population, I believe that has worked as planned. Making "friends" with people you haven't seen in 50 years or don't even know for that matter. If some paranoid conspiracy is disguised as news it becomes "viral". Everyone believes it then they slow the country down regurgitating that "news" to everyone that they are "friends" with on Facebook. It slows down the entire internet, if not the entire planet. That is just one example of the American IQ being chipped away at little by little.

I just can't figure out Zuckerman. Sleeper Agent, money, or did they somehow get the idea to him in bits and pieces therefore making Zuckerman think he invented it?

Well there you have it. Facebook is actually a time bomb invented by the Commies to take down America bit by bit. Facebook = Operation Cesspool.

Well played Putin, well played. Once a Commie always a Commie.

Time for me to go. I can't tell if the neighborhood is full of leaf blowers or black helicopters. If I never post again you know what happened.
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