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How much tuning before the ECU needs remapping?

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This question is in two parts:

I am considering some top-end mods but first I want to know how this will affect the ECUs.

I have a 2.1 NA 900 - I am thinking along the lines of: a performance air filter / larger bore throttle body / ported head with bigger valves / mid-range cams.

The aim is a "Fast Road" car rather then an full on race engine - with the onus on drivability.

With the details above would the ECU need a remap to compensate for the changes? My concern is that I spend time and money and then cannot drive the car! The nearest place to me which can remap the ECUs is about 200 miles away so it would need to be drivable for that distance at least without causing any damage!

Secondly; if the ECUs do need modifying with the full spec of changes made would Jak Stoll's chips do the job? As I understand it you send him the engine spec and he sends you chips which are mapped out on a basic. You then fit the chips and get the car on a rolling road and send him the outcome and he can make some tweeks. Do-able?

I don't want to get into after-market ECUs or a T5 conversion
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Trial and Error - Got a back up car to drive while you play with this one?
i think you should be able to get away with alot on an NA.

And i really want more information on this 96. i Love 96/97/99s. c900s and 9ks are good to. Ng900s, 9-3s, and 9-5s seem to get more attention then they deserve.
Thanks for the replies.

You can see what I have been tinkering with on my 96 here:

Unfortunately it is in a bit of a state at the moment as I am coming to the end of the disassembly stage before of its reincarnation!
That hub conversion is something I want to do with my 95 Wagon - real brakes and nicer wheel options would be nice.
you could probably get away with as little as a bigger Fuel pressure regulator.

despite all those improvements your not going to be moving that much more air on an NA motor,, and more importantly jetronic is more than able to keep up using its OEM air metering system.

with those upgrades on a strong lower end,, youll probably see 160-180 crank hp,, which is pretty quick for an NA
another brainfart i just had was you should install a turbo Distributor and hook your car up to its hall effect sensor. that way you will be able to advance the timing. I tried twisting the Dist on the Grey turd, the car is too smart for that, nothing happens to the timing. with the turbo Dist you can actually change the timing, and if you make an adaptor for the CPS then you can have your OEM CPS as a backup if your Hall effect sensor goes bad.
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