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How Do You Adjust Yellow Koni Shocks - No Click Style

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I bought a set of slightly used Rear Koni shocks for our 9-5 Wagon not too long ago - trying to install today. Old ones are out (not apart) and I am trying to figure out how they adjust before I continue. I've read online - seen here - But it does not really help me too much. I have no button under the dust cap, nor do mine click. I found that it has 2 full turns lock to lock on the "rod" into the shock. I have it set near 50% at about 1 turn. I do not want full sport - just firmer than OEM.

I am used to a shock pushing back up - like a normal gas shock. These don't.... Is this normal for a KONI?

Now - when I "adjust it" it does get harder/easier to PULL the shaft up to full extention - but I can't tell if there is much resistance change going back in to compression position.

Anyone know? Help.... quickly. I need to get the car back together so I can go home in a few hours...

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I think you got it figured out.
Yeah - I just called PaulH to get his thought on the matter - he tends to agree it's normal and I am on the right track. His suggestion was FULL FIRM - I'll go I think 3/4 Firm - I need SOME give to them. Besides - when I get the AERO springs I can re-adjust then.
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