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For several years, the hood would not open unless the hood release pull handle was pulled to its extreme ability.
Recently, I pulled the handle so far that the cable disconnected at the left knee pull handle.
In retrospect, I guess that the cable needed to be adjusted so that the jaws of the hood latch would open/release sooner.

I am now looking at the interior left knee area cable end as possibly being stretched out : the "J hook" has bent into an "L hook" and it is possible that I snapped off the last half inch of the cable .

I struggled unsuccessfully to create a new functional "J hook" .
I created a short/small "J hook " shape but the cable continuously popped out of its hole in the cable release plate. The newly fashioned J hook only lives in its place with constant tension applied to the handle.

What is the mechanism that keeps the J hook in its place?

So far, I cannot take up enough slack in the bowden cable by using the adjustment plate at the radiator cross bar ( two # 25 Torx head screws).

I am trying to figure out if I need a replacement cable with an original J hook or my J hook is still functional.

My concern is that I may have to replace the cable/ pull handle mechanism. The latch itself appears AOK and I can remove/replace the adjustment plate easily.
Perhaps the bowden cable needs to slide closer toward the hood lock jaws in order to create more tension on the cable.

Any guidance would be appreciated.
I feel that a better J hook end plus more cable tension would resolve the issue. That is my speculation.

What controls the tension on the pull handle?
My pull handle does not snap back? Why?

I ordered a replacement cable so I can compare the J hook end to see if mine snapped off or is still long enough.
I hope that I do not have to replace the cable as I feel that the R/R procedure is complex.
Please confirm or refute concern.

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It sounds to me like the cable was stretched or had slipped, maybe because the latch assembly was stiff. Over time, perhaps the excessive pull required to pop the hood eventually wrecked the connection at the handle.

IIRC, the cable connection to the handle was more of an S-hook which, combined with the tension on the cable, kept it in the hole in the handle.
The tension on the cable / handle would come from the spring in the latch assembly.

I'm guessing you'll need to replace the cable and perhaps the spring in the latch. The handle should be fine. I don't think it would be too difficult to replace the cable (but I admit I haven't looked to verify my guess).

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