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Hit Boost - Large Jerk - Runs like crap

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I recently installed a rebuilt turbocharger which corrected my awful smoke problem. Well, I was putting some miles on the car when I decided "hell, might as well do a 2nd gear pull around this corner." I go into second, get into boost and as the RPM's are rising, I get a damn large jerk. You know the jerk you get when you miss a gear and end up going down and not up? Ya. It was a big jerk like that.

I wasn't sure what the hell happened, so I just backed off and made a corner into my neighborhood. As I come around the corner, I shift into second, but the car drops to around 1k RPM's as I enter second like I'm bogging it down. I got back to first, build some revs and go back in second. There. No problem and it's smooth again. I try building some boost to see if I can get a repeat, and the damn car builds plenty of boost, but doesn't go anywhere! It's like I'm casually cruising along at normal speeds even when the turbo is boosting like hell.

I park it in my driveway and notice it's misfiring (not loud bang misfires, just not firing right). I get out and check the smoke. Well, it looks like it's black and it smells like nothing I've ever smelled before. I rev the engine and it revs fine. At idle, it's crap.

What the hell did I just blow-up that is completely eluding me?
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Check for any vacuum hoses or intake hoses that are popped off or blown open.

With it idling pull the oil dipstick out and pull the PCV fitting out of the cam cover, if you're getting lots of smoke and puffs of pressure from down in the crankcase something down lower in the engine may be damaged. If you do, pull the spark plugs and see if any of them are really oily.

Do you hear loud hissing when you accelerate?
Ahh, yup. I feel dumb for not seeing it earlier, but where the MAP sensor vacuum hose connects to that nipple on the intake manifold. That was the cause of the problem. I guess all the boost caused it shoot off or something. Interesting. :D
Good, glad it was easy.

90% of the weird run problems with the 9000 I have experienced are intake system related or sensor faults.

The other 10% are all weird electrical faults with corroded or retracted wiring or ailing throttle bodies / ETS computer / ABS module / main relay fried... etc. Things that make you scratch your head and wonder why you didn't get into working on Hondas....


You know, I am actually getting a pulsing hissing sound under heavy boost for some reason. Not low boost, but only heavy boost. It really sounds like a rattlesnake hissing, to be honest. Any idea what's that related to?
Check that your wastegate actuator and bypass valve both hold pressure - if they're both fine, maybe start looking for leaks in the inlet hose couplings and clamps that aren't all the way tight, but barring that not really any ideas!

Thanks Drew! I'll just start checking around in the bay.
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