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Well not really, Clones for the clone Been waiting to put these on, the rotors are dead so its time.

I had the labels made up to complete the package, came out nice I think. I ahve collected all the parts over time, got one Brembo brand new for 100 bucks, stupidly bought a rebuilt cardone version what was in worse shape than any used set ( that I could not find ) I Can;t figure out why they would abuse the heck out of them to rebuild thme, they ground off all the annodizing, so stupid, its not going to be rusty

I went with the Cobalt rotors they are way more hefty and larger so why not. I had them bored to fit and added the set screw, didn't want to mess with the hubs and spacers only to put a thinner smaller rotor on and I figured my current rotors lasted 60 K miles and figure the car doesn't have much time left so for 100 bucks why not

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