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Hi, my name is Tim. 2001 Saab 9-5, owned about 6 years now. Picked it up, really cheap $500, it needed a belt and tensioner pulley. Have done a few fixes, ignition tumbler, alternator, ignition cassette x2. 45 years fixing cars and this is one of the few Saabs I've seen.
Last time it went was a few months back, it backfired and burned up the first cat converter, melted and stopped exhaust. My cure since so converters are so $, I dropped exhaust, opened front cat at side, gutted it then welded back together. Since the first o2 sensor is before that cat and the next after, I figured I would have to relocate the downstream to the back side of the second cat, but never had a CEL come on and passed emission.
Now have an unusual no start- cranks, has pressure at fuel rail, the engine cooling fan comes on and run a while after key off. Also have no communication w/scanner. Have a Snap On with obd2 direct connect usually reads it. Also, since I've had it, it occasionally will have all the warning lights come on but cured by shutting of and restarting. Fear disconnecting battery because last time activated security, but no longer have access to tech II owner. Switched cassette with good one, no change. Ordered crank sensor, but wouldn't answer cooling fan issue. Thanks for reading.
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