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Hi from Reno, Again...Dashboard electrical

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Now that the starter is fixed AND it starts with a key, I tried to get it smogged today so that I could register it. It failed because the check engine light won't come on. The only things that do work are my speed and tach, odometer/trip. When I go to start it, the only dashboard lights that work are the battery, abs, wiper wash and break fluid idiot lights. The rest is a no go, the climate control is all dead. This has been down for a few years I think.. Any suggestions??
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change the bulbs on the back side of the guage cluster.
Ok, Thanks for the tip. Is this going to be one of those "it sounded easier than it's turning out be" moments??? Never mind, it is a SAAB after all..Thanks, D
um in theory it's easy and mabey aswell in hindsight, but it's definatly a pain while your doing it. especially in the nevada heat! it is pretty straightforward though. what is the climate control not doing? i pulled mine a few years ago, i think ive got some of the circuit boards lying around from the acc, i know i have the one that lights up the faceplate and displays the temp w buttons, it is from an 89 9000 cd
All that I really know is that it doesn't work. Before I bought it someone really did a number on the electrical and the fuses. I think I might have some sort of short but I really don't know. I did manage to get the whole thing up a few months back, but it only lasted for a day and a half...So, instead of throwing a temper tantrum, I just left it alone, not like it was running anyway. It's just frustrating!
Ok, here's the deal. Fuse #17 Acc, edu, trunk lid is a 10A. I get a fuse anywhere near the slot and it blows...Does that narrow it down??? :confused:
Thanks for any help! D
Here's what we did today...We put a 20A in the slot and it didn't blow immediately and everything came up, WOW..It appears on close inspection that there was something (soda, etc) that maybe got into the fuse box area and possibly corroded a wire? How difficult would it be to remove the box, fix/replace wires????? Or are we talking "proffessional" and "$$"? Thanks, D
Because this fuse specifies trunk lid, I'd check the wiring at the hinge in the gate. They tend to chafe/break/short etc. Quick, non-intrusive test: key on, open and close the gate a few times, see if it blows the fuse
Thanks. I haven't used the trunk button almost since I got it cause it used to blow the fuse, when the button worked...I'll dig around. D
Oh come on...

No one has any suggestions???:confused:
All is good!! I took the car to a garage and they found the short..Yes it was in the trunk lid! Amazing thing is, now EVERTHING works! My fan, the dashboard, stereo, ALL! How can 1 little wire cause so much Kaos?? :p
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