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Hi ecu question

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This is something I have been thinking about living in a mountain area. Has anyone ever though about trying to run a second map sensor like the MS2 can do. I am wondering because as I drive around here I get really funny calibrations from altitude change. Like if I go from here fountain co to my grandmas woodland park co I go into compressor surge verry easily. And this could all be changed according to map pressure lowering the amount of boost and all untill I get a bigger turbo.
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T7 does this with an additional atmospheric pressure sensor that just measures ambient air pressure - I don't think it would be particularly easy to embed this sort of computation in T5.

T5 just takes an ambient pressure measurement at the start of each drive cycle and uses that for the duration of the cycle. Maybe try pulling over and shutting off the engine and re-starting during your trips periodically and see if that gets rid of the funny issues?

I never thought about that. That is a verry good idea. Maybe if not ill thinkk about a t7 upgrade Id have to look more into the diffeences. I dont want to go to far away from emisions certified in case they come back or id jusmp on MS2. Well thank you for your input on this
^ if your thinking about "converting" to t7...don't its next to impossible because of all the other electrical systems tied into each other. Plus imo its not worth it at all with how picky t7 can be.
yea, T7 is far from an upgrade, trust me
Alright. I will take your advices,
Now my next question is there a limit to tuning the ecu with supporting mods or can I use it to as far as I can push the car.
With the new tranny when its done and the rebuilt motor not holding back on it I just want to make sure it will handle it in the end. And since this is a ecu post I wont go into anymore details

Edit: God sometimes I can't type
the b234 is an insanely strong motor; look up JK's treads about his aero. High mileage (I believe) and 400 whp on a stock block and headgasket.
the b234 is an insanely strong motor; look up JK's treads about his aero. High mileage (I believe) and 400 whp on a stock block and headgasket.
Inevitably so it is the greatest motor I have owned so far. And I am staying on the stock block. Was just wondering if there were limitations to tuning the t5
My build wont be done for about a year. Since it needs a rebuild do to the timeing guides now beeing in all the oil I may as well not hold back with the fafsa and using a few paychecks to get it done how I want it the first time I do have a car doimain that will be updated as the build prograsses. Once it starts. I have done allot of looking over Kaylins old saab and really liked it mine wont be the same but similar. The biggest step right now is a tig.
^its the trannies that dont hold up. Im pushing 410ft/lbs. on my motor (rebuilt w/ wossner pistons)
Tis why I need a tig. We are going to re weld the bellhouseing on a f40 stock internals on those are going to 558hp in the fieros and stuff. Thinking about shot peening and cryoing it to. My neighbor is the tranny guy. Im the motor guy. lol this will all be between paychecks and fafsa so it will be a while. Luckly I still live at home
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