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Hi again.... Help! Shimmy?!?!?!

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:confused:I was having a vibration issue with my car. It's been sitting for several years, but I'd drive it once in a while. Anyway, now that's it's working AND registered, the shaking got nerve racking. I just replaced the 2 front tires, just before one of them bedheaded it's self (can you say Big split?). Now the shaking is worse at all speeds. It kinda does this whole body wobble at low speed. What I'm thinking is that it's worse because of the new tires and it needs an alignment?? Before I make an apt at the garage, do you guys think it might be something else??
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are the rear tires the same ones from when it was sitting? They could have flat spots
Alignment problems are usually pulling and uneven tire wear, not vibrations. I'd hope that with 2 new tires somebody looked at the rear tires too, and hopefully front brakes as well. Assuming that's true, bent wheels? Since the car's been sitting a while I would take it in for a general safety inspection. If you've got somebody local that really knows a Saab, go see them.
Yeah, having felt it again today, I think that I'm going to replace the rears as well. I'll keep you updated! Thanks
Just FYI, if the tires weren't balance properly, or weren't balanced at all, it could lead to nasty vibrations as well.
Actually, I watched them balance the them down to 00.00 numbers...I learned that one the hard way on another car. Hopefully will get the new tires on the way to work in the morning. I still love my car!!!
Ok, here's the update. Got new tires on the rears as well. No more whole body wobble at any speed. At least my kidneys aren't getting massaged like they were before... However, it still pulls to the right some and when while I'm accelerating between 45 and 65 the steering wheel still shakes. What's the deal with that?
Still shaking in Reno

Just got back from a 500+ mile road trip. Except for the shaking the car performed beautifly! When I've got my foot on the accelerator, coming over Donner summit with a full tank, the main shaking was at 65-70. Due to the road, it felt like the front tires were dancing at times. Since this is a "new" thing, could it be drive line, axel boots(I looked and didn't see any evidance of drying, craking, leaks and there's no clicking), alignment.....???????:confused:
Something wonky in your steering or suspension bits. Take it to a proven decent Alignment shop and have them Examine the steering and suspension and then do a wheel alignment. Once you ask them to check they are legally obliged to do so with due care as there are liabilities if they 'overlook' something important. G'luck.
thanks bare. I do have an apt for Thurs at an alignment shop. It is for something slightly different, but I thought I'd have them check it out anyway. I detect that "sucking" noise starting to come from my wallet...LOL
Naww I wouldn't worry too much. Genuinely decent shops often prove to be very user friendly
Yet another update

Ok. Went to get an alighnment this morning. They spent an hour on it checking everything, which is apparently their standard. It is "operating within it's specs". The owner took it out for a short drive to feel what I was talking about... He said that he thought that it felt like a bad wheel and the new spacers (that his guys put on) aren't quite on right. NO charge however, that was cool! Now, my question...HOW can someone tell if and when a wheel is bad? Is there something supsific (sp) that they look for? I mean these wheels are gonna run 150 plus a piece and I need 4... Help again.. Thx from Reno!
Take it to a wheel rebuilding shop (although the alignment shop could check for runout on their wheel balancing machine). Once mounted, it takes only moments to spot a wiggly wheel.. IF.. that's the problem
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