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my 97 900se has had this intermittent problem for months....on cold starts it will idle fine but run a little rough until its up to speed.

once its warm it idles and runs perfect but occasionally when moderately accelerating from a stop it will completely lose power for a few seconds

I've replaced the IAC, plugs, fuel pump, fuel filter, changed DI cassette, checked for vacuum leaks.....none of this has really helped the issue

any ideas?
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scanned the DTC's, P1416 showed up.

now that I think about it, I scanned the car before I bought it and this code was present.....but it showed up on my scanner as some kind of evap/sai/other emission code so I ignored it.

after some googling it seems to be saab specific....

Tank Level, Low Level in Conjunction W/ Misfiring Or Faulty Fuel System

wtf does that mean?

car is tuned sqr stage 4 with green giants, 3.5 bar fpr, 3 bar map etc
Do you think it could be a fuel pressure issue at the injectors? Maybe you need a better FPR. Too much or too little fuel getting to the final destination?
is there a port on the fuel rail to check the pressure?
My dads 2001 9-3 with a custom stage 2 does this too, usually the first time I shift into second. I rev it a little and its fine after that. No CEL here. I think it has to do with the cold start map in the ECU.
I can 2x check tomorrow, but I think that 1416 is a code meant to help you NOT diagnose fuel system issues because the volume of fuel is less than 1L in the tank. It usually gets generated in conjunction with lean codes

Again, I'll have to double check tomorrow from the shop. I'll check back.
Reading again,

How's your NTC sensor reading (may need a tech II or enhanced scan tool) and thermostat? Are you getting up to temp quickly enough?
Yeah the car gets up to temp normal, though I don't know how accurate the stock temp gauge is.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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