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2003 9-3 Linear
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Hello, I'm new to the Saab Link community and also new to this "Saab Driving Lifestyle" .
I own/drive a (manual) 2003 Saab 9-3 Linear
So.. the clutch was slipping when I bought it for $1200 with 114k miles on it, But wasn't slipping or going out too bad (or so I thought). Ina few months of driving, my rpms slowly starting surging or fluctuating here and there and progressed gradually.
Well one day driving to work (which is 45 miles one way, but all highway) the car wont switch gears from 2nd to 3rd. Like my clutch wasnt engaging or was stuck. Prior to this, the clutch had sank to the floor here and there but eventually came back up and maintained pressure. Well it finally engaged after a couple of minutes coasting down the road and I go on my way.
A couple days later it started to not hardly let me shift gears at all and my rpms were surging majorly. Wel almost to work I turn on my works road off the highway and drop to neutral, no down shifting, and slow my car down to a good second gear speed and shift to 2nd. The engine revs high but went no where. I could smell burning rubber or plastic very strongly and tried every gear I could. Nothing.
So I am sure the clutch burnt out.

Now, to where I am at...

I cant afford a clutch/tranny swap or install and I really dont trust anyone here in Alabama to do it, via lack of knowledge of Saab vehicles. I've studied and researched alot but still am lacking some of the info I'm requiring.

Side note: I did however buy a 2005 Saab 9-3 Linear (manual) for $700 because the deal I got with it was stupid of me to just let go and not get.
Long to short here, but the guy didnt wanna see his work go to waste. I had to tow it home (without knowing the starting issue) but it has new D2 coilovers ($995), 80% treaded tires, aftermarket BOV and intercooler, performance cool air intake (mostly AEM piping), forged pistons and lifters, brand new coil packs, (and just what I needed...) a new stage 2 racing clutch and new transmission installed right when he parked it. and here's the breadwinner...
This included a Brand new in the case.. Gm Tech 2 tool with all the connectors, 2 extra ECU's that he "paid a lot for", a VR racing module for tuning ecu's, . A windows laptop dyno program install and manual, and even a single external DVD rom to hook to my laptop incase I couldn't watch and use the DVD manuals they all came with.
So me and my dad took his truck and dolly to NC, 6 hour drive, and towed it home.

Now as far as I have made it in forums and what not, the clutch and tranny are both compatible with my vehicle.
So I plan to drop both clutches and transmissions out of the 9-3s and put the racing clutch and new tranny in mine, then change the internals and what not all over to my 03 to build mine basically to a stage 2 or 3.
Any insight if I'm wrong or if this will even work or precautions and steps I should take would be super helpful. This is my daily and I'm dying to get this car back on the road as my wife is home with 2 kids and no car all day while I work.. so ANY info or advice or replys are welcome
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