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Help Reclocking a TD04

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Hey guys, so I need to reclock the volvo td04 I picked up recently.

I took off the wastegate, unbolted the V-band clamp holding on the exhaust side, and pulled it off. I then cut off the guide pin, and cleaned some of it up for good measure.

But now when I put the exhaust housing back onto the CHRA, the turbine binds up somewhere on the side of the housing and cant move.

I can pull the exhaust housing back off and everything is still spins and is fine. This is my first turbo reclock....What am I doing wrong?
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it must not be going on evenly... make sure you have the center housing flush with the exhuast housing
I figured that much...Just not sure what else to do other then smacking the housing a bit and checking to see if it aligned any better.
Continue to spin the hot and cold side while putting pressure on each component. If the turbo ran smoothly before then clocking it should yeild no issues. Just keep spinning her around!
Dabbed on some oil on the CHRA and inside the exhaust housing.

A few love taps later and I think it seated correctly...
...that is it probably will blow up a few miles down the road...
It was pretty sketchy for me when I did the 6cm2 for my ng900.
I probably should have checked to see if mine moved freely before I put mine back on the car...
Yeah, while it spins freely and doesn't bind at all. It doesn't have the same long last spin like turbo in car has.

I'm guessing its since the turbo has probably next to no oil in it. Still gotta mount the wastegate though.

At this rate, my plan is it get it on during winter break. Do an exhaust and see if I can find a deal on an IC.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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