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Help - P1231 & P1251 codes when I turn A/C on

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Ok, I just bought a 2000 Saab 9-5 with 175xxx miles. I do not know much about these cars and have an issue that I could really used help with.

Driving the car without A/C on the car runs out fine, no issues. I turn on the A/c and almost immediately get a check engine light and it goes into "limp mode" I assume.

I hooked up a scanner and get P1231 and P1251. I reset the codes and it runs fine again until I turn on the A/C. I also got a P1260 once along with the other two.

Searching on here it appears 1231 and 1251 are related to the throttle body but need some direction on how to proceed.

The guy I bought the car from said it may be a "throttle body position sensor" that he claimed would cost about $30 bucks. Searching online I cannot find any such part, only a complete throttle body that used looks like it runs a few hundred bucks.

I bought this car for my wife and she is going to be really mad if I bought a junker.

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