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Hello from the Newbie

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New to the forums and hopefully new to Saab in the next week or so. I am still learning my way around the forum so I apologize if I am missing an existing thread.

I am looking a purchasing a 9-3 and am considering a "new" 09 demo a local dealer has along with some low mileage CPO 08s and possible new 10s. The price of the 09 is what is complicating the situation. Currently it is at 24,950. The dealer appears to be willing to move lower but reasonable and what I would like may not match. What would be a fair price? This would be for a sticker of $33K and change. I know back in the last days of GM ownership these and some Comforts were being had for 19-23 with no miles. This demo (there are actually 2 on the lot) has 3K miles.

Would $20K be fair?
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I would go under 20k personally, you can always come up with your price when they counter but it is much harder to bring your offer lower. Ask for $18k since they are likely to be highly motived in terms of moving the car off the lot. Car sales have been very slow so you will be surprised at how much dealers are willing to take off list prices just to get rid of inventory. Plus, it is a demo and that is also a big bargaining chip for you.

Good luck and welcome to TSL!
Thanks for the info. It is amazing the amout of 09s still out there. Hopefully a deal can be had in the next few days!
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