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Hello All!!, Friend sold me 96 900SE Convertible!

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Hello! Internet Saab People!!

My friends left town and they didn't want to take the car... so...

I bought it from them for $900, plus $350 for bumper (I'm guessing). The husband was in a very mild accident, so insurance took the bumper to a shop. They left before they could get it. I just need to pay them for it. They also had a new right side light in the trunk. Thinking about installing that stuff my self to save me some more $$. Oh, my friends had also installed a new clutch w/ adjusting cable.

There are some minor issues, that I need to resolve. Hope this will be a great community to learn. This is my first Saab, turbo car and convertible - really fun car to drive, unfortunately my fun was confined to my street block since I don't have a license yet. The car will be in my garage for about 6 months until I'll be able to drive it regularly. In the mean time work will be done to the car to insure reliability once I drive regularly.

Some issues.

Dash goes on and off (Speed, RPM, etc) - loose cable?

Bumper/Side Lights - Have them, just need to pay for bumper and install

Treatment of Canvas top - good condition, just need some 303 on there

very worn out leather seat - I can fix with SEM products.

need to adjust clutch cable - my friend said shop wanted to look at it after a month

foot getting stuck clutch lever - the interior panel on top of pedals is lose, so it drops down and my tips gets stuck. better when i push up hard, stays for a bit. but then drops over time

needs oil change

and ... don't know what else... I'm sure I'll find other stuff...and I'll probably want to make it a bit faster?

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