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OK so I was watching the "2004 roundup" on "infoman" on the french CBC channel... a bit of a "humourous look at the events of 2004" so to speak...

So there was a skit done in the middle of the show that I thought was pretty funny, so I'm going to translate it and post it here to the best of my recollection from last night :wink:

A woman and man are in their apartment, sitting on the couch. The woman tries to turn on the light. It is dead. She asks the husband (I guess...) if he can fix it. He says "Do I look like an electrician?".

Later, she turns on the tap in the bathroom. The drain is clogged. She asks the guy to fix it. He says "Do I look like a plumber?"...

After that, she tries to open the door of the closet. It is stuck. She asks the guy if he can fix it. He says "Do I look like a carpenter?"

Later, the guy comes in, presumably coming home from work. He opens the closet to put his winter clothes in, it opens fine.

He goes to the washroom, the sink is no longer clogged.

He turns on the light, and it works fine.

He goes to the bedroom and asks the woman what happened. "Oh, the janitor came and fixed everything." "How much did it cost?" asks the guy. She said "The janitor gave me a decision. I could bake him a cake or make love to him". "And what happened" says the man. "Well, do I look like Betty Crocker?"

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