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I'm having weak heat issues with one of the saabs.

I've diassembled things, and it looks as though the previous owner smashed the shiza out of the airbox when changing the cabin air filter.

Thus, I believe my heating problem is a result of cold inlet air escaping thru into cabin instead of making its way to heatercore and being warmed.

I'm going to be doing some supergluing and low density foaming to fix the box near the air filter.

However, once I got my face way into the box :p I saw that there appears to be an inlet in the firewall by the a/c expansion valve. Before foaming or supergluing I want to make sure I understand the air flow in the box, please correct if wrong:

1. air comes into car thru blower assembly area (assuming recirc off)
2. air then pushed into a/c condensor area,
3. air flows thru condensor, into heater core area
Q - is there another air passage out of a/c condensor thru firewall?? (or is this the inlet for outside air?)
4 warmed air is then pushed thru selected vents, flr. def. etc.

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