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Headlight wipers and Stock Clarion Amp

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I have two headlight wipers (motors and blades) and the stock amp that I removed from the Viggen.

The wipers are in pretty good shape. They would misalign, but that was remedied by tightening the nut holding the wiper blades.

Not sure what the price runs on these so I'll throw out a number and you can make an offer.

Price: $10OBO for the right side since it doesn't function properly. $20 OBO for the one that works.

The amp is a clarion that is listed in the AUDIO3 system in WIS. Nothing wrong with it that I am aware of. I will note that it will not come with the cable that connects it to the stock radio.

Price: $30 + shipping OBO.

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are the wipers guaranteed to work?
They haven't been used since before I took them out last winter so I can't guarantee them to work. I'll test them when I get a chance today and let you know :).
So I did plug them in tonight and have an update. The one with the blue plug (right side) doesn't work. The other one works fine. Could've gotten jostled around or something, whatevs. If somebody wants to take it off of my hands still, I'll ballpark it around $10. Emphasis on making the offer. There's a link around here somewhere that shows you how to fix it and it looks pretty easy. Price adjustments made in the OP.
Bump. Prices adjusted.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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