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Head unit?

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I need to get this sorted ASAP. I'll be spending like 30 hours in this car Thursday-Sunday, and I'd like to do that with music.

'96 9k Aero.

A couple weeks ago, things started to get a little weird. I'd be listening to a CD and it would just stop playing. Skip a few songs and then all would be fine. This would be totally intermittent and there would also be the occasional loud POP noise from the speakers.

Then it would do it so that I'd have to eject the CD in order to get it working again.

Yesterday, it just died. No sound. Tried all the previous stuff, tried unhooking the battery, nothing.

Today I plugged the antenna in, and got like 20 seconds out of it. Then -POP- and gone. Can't get it to come back to life. Still nothing from the CD.

I have an unknown 9000 h/u sitting in the garage. I just put it in the car and nothing changed. Nothing from the antenna, nothing from the CD. But, like I said, I don't know if this thing works anyway.

What say the experts? Both the h/u and the CD power up, the CD comes on, the h/u switches to aux, it'll run through the play time, etc. Just no sound other than a faint buzzing.
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AMP under passenger seat - these are notorious problems in Harmon Kardon 9000's.... could be a bad amp.

I used to have one laying around - if I locate it, let me know if you are interested. I doubt it's the head unit - they usually just have LCD Display issues.
Good to know. Is there any way to test it? I assume they're only in the HK 9k's?
9000 Aero's i believe had HK as standard - otherwise it was an upgrade option for any model 9000. So yes - I believe it's a 9000 only specific part.

As for testing it - see how many amps it's supposed to draw/vs. what it is drawing? Look for corrosion/rust build up - moisture kills them as often as they just die due to poor quality from what I've been told.
The answer is... head unit.
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