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head job

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Ok, so I'm looking at sending my N/A 2.0 head to a shop once I get it out of the car. I'm thinking a valve job and shaving the head would be a good start. Also, I know you can re-use the head bolts, but I will order new ones anyway. What would be some good upgrades to take advantage of while the head is out?
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hey buddy,

call and ask for a catalog. try not to blow your wad too fast when reading :cool:

motor sport service (MSS) aka jack lawrence
716 665 4200
2010 buffalo st. ext.
jamestown, NY 14701

the ultimate candy shop for NA saabs
Don't know if you have them in an N/A, but upgrading to the sodium valves wouldn't be a bad idea for heat transfer.
I'll see if I have time to give Jack a call this week. Also, when I send the head out, what would be a good amount to have machined? .040"?, .060"? Maybe a valve job would be a good idea as well?

I figure I might as well get whatever I can done while the head is off. The car managed to run ( decent) with a bad HG for so long, I'm not gonna skimp on anything.
Better check with an engine shop and see how much those amounts will change your compression ratio. You have to look at where you want the ratio, and if that amount of removal would require changing pistons. Check the racing machine shop pages, they may have a quick and dirty calculator for compression ratio changes. Also check your valve clearance, I don't think you have an interference fit engine, but that might change with the machining. As I said in the prior post you may want to go to the Turbo exhaust valves, if you don't have them already. Has anyone else taken that much material off the head? And did they have to remove a link from the timing chain? Questions that should be answered before you make the cuts over .020". If this is your racing engine, valve float might be a consideration also-may require different valve springs. Again, the clearance issue. No sense in all that work just to have a piston punch through at speed. Sounds interesting- keep us updated.
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I'm picking up my head from the engine shop on Monday. We decided on just a shaving of around .015" and that was about it. Everything looked good and I didn't want to go overboard on machining everything. ( typical race driver/ bastard..LOL) So anyway. I can get the bulk of putting the engine back together, but I may need a hand gettin the cam to line up to the gear and a double check of the timing. Anybody want to step up and give me a little extra help?
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