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Subject: 2002 9-5 ARC SEDAN (It's a bit different for the 5Ds)
Cost: $594 from State of Nine(cost of the kit - assuming you have the tools *cough*)
Difficulty: Moderate (installing it is easy, reading the manual isn't...)
Time: 4 hours (under Alabama's sun...)

Please remember this is the original Saab haul hitch kit! (trying to find excuses for the ridiculous price...)

Starting this threat, I have to tell you a few things.

a. This will be a two section threat. One for the hitch and one for the electronics.
b. This is my first time I get dirty with my Saab. What for you guys and gals is obvious, it may take several hours for me to realize...
c. I had no help at all. This is a do-it-yourself thing from the scratch. Leaving you and you alone to blame if something bad happens to the trailer...
d. This is NOT a replacement of the manual. It's just a visual guide to help you understand what the *beep* the manual says...
e. (I'm really proud for this one) This is the first time I actually install something and there are no remaining nuts or screws left! I made it! *flex*
f. Am I part of the TSL family now? *puppy eyes*

Let's start!


This is what you get when you order the kit. It costs $594.

We start by removing the bumper *cough* with removing the screws from the back of the tire, underneath the bumper and from the inside underneath the compartment cover. Once you remove them, gently pull the bumper starting from the sides moving towards the center.

That's how it looks... Ugly, isn't she?

Remove the eye and place the plastic cover (included in the kit) to cover the hole.

Here it gets scary... Using a utility knife, cut the bumper (yes, cut the bumper) following the line shown in the pictures.

Remove the spacers from the bumper.

This step actually took me 20 minutes to convince myself that is safe to do... Place the reinforcements and drill from the lower and upper part with a 10mm drill so you can insert the screws which will have to be self tapped.

Remove the lights' cable away from that small hole so you can insert the washer.

Be extremely careful with the next step. Using a 10mm drill, drill all the way from the washer to the chassis of the car (yes, you read right).

Oh my freaking God... Did I just do this??

NOW this one gets tricky. Place the bumper to its original position and using the same technique, make a mark with the drill where the hole on the reinforcements will be. Then remove the bumper, make the hole and enlarge it so the security washers will fit in.

Cover part of the disaster with the sticker (included).

Oh yes, and make sure the hole is ALIGNED and large enough for the screw that goes in.

Now, this is the point of no return. Lets install the actual haul hitch. Yes, it goes ON the bumper...!

This is why we cut the bumper :)

Install the bumper and screw the 4 screws below as shown.

Tighten the screws from inside the trunk as shown. And don't forget the small screws from the back of the tire and underneath the bumper!

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! I present you Snowball with a hitch haul!!

Now, to the electrical part...

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Actually I don't know why I made a second part just for the electronics. It's just a click away and it's ready...

My only disappointment was that there is no plan for the trailer connector to go outside to the plug. I have to just leave it there hanging... :(

Besides that I found it rather exciting getting this in place!

Hope you enjoyed it.


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Good write up! Nice pictures - I may get ours on before SOC for the 5D (wagon). If I do I will add some variant pictures and steps. I need that harness.... I paid $50 for my Saab hitch NIB a few years back at SOC :) I should have bought a few more if I knew they were worth that much....
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