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gurgling noise when pressure releases from blow off valve

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I replaced the air intake and it sounded amazing then i added a blow off valve and pluged the old pipe attached to the stock bypass valve when blowoff occurs i get a gurgling noise anyone know what might be the problem?
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I think I read in your other thread that you have a 2000 or newer 9-3. If this is the case, you have Trionic 7 engine management which is a mass air flow based system. With a MAF type system you cannot use a atmospheric dump valve as you are releasing air that the ecu has already accounted for, which will cause odd things to happen between shifts (running rich, setting CEL etc...).

Try using the stock valve again, or getting an upgraded Forge Recerc type valve instead of an atmospheric.

the thing is the valve i bought is made specifically for the 01 saab wich is confusing do i need to adjust it or something if that is even possible?
Does it have a pipe going off it that returns ALL the air to the intake before the turbo? If it does then its a By Pass Valve. If it releases any air into the atmosphere, then it is the wrong type and you will have issues with a T7 based car.
'01 Saab is T7. You need to recirculate the "blow off" back to the intake for measurement, therefore you can't run a true blow off valve without causing issues.

ok thanks i will try to get it back to normal but the pipe is cracked thats why i replaced it .

i put the old one back on and it runs great but the check engine light wont go away now
Disconnect battery for 30 mins and see if that clears it, if not you need to borrow a code reader.
Disconnecting the battery for even few seconds should be enough to clear the CEL.

thanks guys it worked great no more annoying check engine light
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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