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Griffin Gear prizes at carlisle, anyone win?

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I wasn't at Carlisle to be able to talk to the winners, but did anyone here win the Griffin Gear custom t-shirt gift certificates?

Nobody has come forward to redeem them. If you won, contact me!
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If i just say i won can i claim it? :)
no you need the claim code on the certificate :razz:
maybe they forgot to give them out? I know if I had gotten one, I sure would have used it :)
Yeah - not sure if they passed those out or not... I know I seen shirts and actual products - but don't recall certificates being mentioned. Marc must be saving them for himself ;) haha
yeah, or the winners are old farts who are scared of the internet? :lol: :razz:

Seriously, though, 25 bucks each towards a shirt or hat or whatever, and nobody claimed them???? I will ask Marc again
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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